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Simba & Milton Gulli / The Heroes - A Tribute To A Tribe... (CD)

    Simba & Milton Gulli / The Heroes - A Tribute To A Tribe...
    Simba & Milton Gulli / The Heroes - A Tribute To A Tribe... (CD) ¥1900(税込)

    BBE」から新しい風!! アフリカからのA Tribe Called Questトリビュート・アルバム!!

    彼等に影響を受けたATCQチルドレンであるアフリカのMC=Simbaと、モザンビーク共和国の凄腕ミュージシャン、Milton GulliのコンビによるA Tribe Called Questのトリビュート・ライブ・アルバム!!
    チルアウトな雰囲気はそのままに、よりジャジーでメロウに仕立て直したTR7「Bonita Applebum」や、Lou Reedの『Walk On The Wild Side』のベースラインは残しつつ、アフロビート調にアレンジした驚きのTR4「Can I Kick It」、最強のブレイクのひとつIncredible Bongo Band の『Apache』をサンプリングした驚愕のTR8「Scenario」など、単なるカヴァーではなく、生演奏によるジャズやファンク・サウンド、そして彼等の出自であるアフリカ音楽も巧みに取り入れた、オリジナリティ溢れる素晴らしい楽曲に生まれ変わっています!!


    You could be forgiven if, when you close your eyes and imagine Mozambique, nothing comes to mind besides Samora Machel, poverty, great fish, awesome beaches and beautiful Portuguese-speaking men and women. A producer and a rapper from Mozambique? Rapping in English? Get outta here!

    Music is not just art, just words, just sounds, it is an invisible net that binds us, fusing with our souls, telling our stories. This is the story of how A Tribe Called Quest inspired two Mozambican artists, the rapper Simba and producer and musician Milton Gulli to make a difference musically, to not fear being different, to not fear self expression. This tribute is to thank ATCQ for being the first to take these steps, and to make it easier for those who followed.

    Like all other art forms, music is a means of self-expression. This album is an expression which purpose is to thank “A Tribe Called Quest” for being, not only a source of inspiration, but more importantly a source of positive energy. This album also serves as a message to ATCQ, urging them to get past their differences and remember their roots as a hip hop band. We hope that the response of their listeners will remind the band of why they started making music, of their roots, and of their duty to their fans.

    “The Heroes: A Tribute To A Tribe Called Quest” is a voyage, from the 90’s when ATCQ was at its peak, to now, taking the listener on an evolutionary tour of hip hop to Southern Africa. This album is not only a tribute to ATCQ, but also a symbol of the happiness and joy in the simplicity of life, love, and music.

    1. Intro
    2. Excursions 試聴
    3. African Tour 試聴
    4. Can I Kick It (Chuta)
    5. Electric Relaxation
    6. Bonita Intro
    7. Bonita Applebum 試聴
    8. Scenario
    9. God Lives Through (I Love My God)
    10. We've Got The Jazz 試聴
    11. Outro

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