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101 Apparel / Danny Krivit "Music Speak Louder Than Words (MIX-CD + T-Shirts)

    101 Apparel / Danny Krivit
    101 Apparel / Danny Krivit "Music Speak Louder Than Words (MIX-CD + T-Shirts) ¥3240(税込)

    音楽に基づいた良質なデザインで好評の101 Apparelから、Danny KrivitのミックスCDが付いた新作T-Shirtsが登場!!


    Brought to you by 101 Apparel

    Danny Krivit, about as New York as they come. Growing up in NYC's Greenwich Village in the 1960’s, mother, a Jazz singer, & Father, Chet Baker’s manager. Boyhood friend of Nile Rogers, The Mothers of Invention living just down the hall, & at a very early age meeting a cross section of musical legends like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Charles Mingus, John Lennon & Yoko Ono. His upstairs neighbor (Polydor Vice President), introduced him to… James Brown. Who gave Danny his 1st white-label promo copies of "Get On The Good Foot" & "Think" by Lynn Collins.

    Earlier that same year in 1971, Danny had started DJing at his fathers club, the Ninth Circle & over the years played at most every NY club worth mentioning… including the Paradise Garage. His early “Love Is The Message” ‘Edit By Mr K’, along with hundreds of others help to secure his tittle as the godfather of the current re–edits movement. When Danny is not touring the world, he's also 1/3 of the famed NYC party 'Body & Soul', along with celebrating, now 10 years of his own 718 SESSIONS parties (Time Out “Best Party Of NYC).

    "I've always felt music has a much larger voice then just the words of a song. Like in a movie, the way a great soundtrack moment lifts the meaning of what is being said, I feel like music at it's best speaks louder then words, deeply touching your soul & striking emotions. I especially love the musicianship & arrangements of 70's soul & disco... again, it speaks to you with a depth. When I started out, most good DJ's played records that talked to you & all together took you on a journey, hope you enjoy this little journey." Danny Krivit

    101 Apparel / Danny Krivit

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