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Josef Leimberg / Astral Progressions (2LP)

    Josef Leimberg / Astral Progressions (2LP)
    Josef Leimberg / Astral Progressions (2LP) ¥4104(税込)

    Kendrick Lamarの『To Pimp a Butterfly』で、Terrace Martinと共にプロデュースを努めたトランペット奏者=Josef Leimberg注目のファースト・ソロ・アルバムが2枚組アナログで登場!!

    Terrace Martin、Kamasi WashingtonBilalGeorgia Anne MuldrowKuruptMiguel Atwood Fergusonらも参加。ヒップホップ~ソウル~ジャズを横断した漆黒の世界観に浸れる実にディープな一作!!

    グラミー賞5冠に輝いたKendrick Lamar 『To Pimp A Butterfly』の謎のプロデューサー軍団として話題を集めたLove Dragon。Dr.Dreの変名とまで噂されたその正体は、Terrace Martinと今作のJosef Leimbergによるコラボレーションデュオと判明し、大きな話題となった。存在感抜群のプロデューサー/トランペット奏者であるJosef Leimbergは、90's JAZZ HIP HOPで時代を切り開いた、Mad Kapのメンバーでもあった。Kendrick作品の中心的な存在といっても過言ではない彼は、Snoop Dogg、Erykah Badu、Dr. Dreともコラボレーションを果たし、多くのミュージシャンから確かな信頼を集めている。ゲストメンバーとして今注目のKamasi Washington, Terrace Martinを始め、Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Bilal, Georgia Anne Muldrow, さらにKuruptが参加。そして、ジャケットは、日本人クリエイター、青山トキオが担当し、JAZZやHIP HOP、SOULまで絡み合う、今最も注目すべきブラック・ミュージック・サウンドを集約した1枚となっている。

    『90年代のヒップホップ好きには忘れられないグループ、マッド・キャップでトランベットを吹いていたDr.スーズは、その後本名を名乗ってエリカ・バドゥやスヌープ・ドッグの録音にも参加し、テラス・マーティンとプロダクションチームを組んでケンドリック・ラマーの『To Pimp A Butterfly』にも関わった。そんなLAのシーンの真の実力者であるジョセフ・ライムバーグが、満を持してリリースする初のソロ作。カマシ・ワシントンやミゲル・アトウッド・ファーガソンもサポートして作られたこのアルバムは、彼だからこそ成し得たソウルフルでスピリチュアルな力作だ』(原 雅明 / ringsプロデューサー)

    1. Spirits of the Ancestors
    2. Interstellar Universe
    3. As I Think Of You
    4. The Awakening
    5. Between Us 2
    6. Celestial Visions
    7. Astral Progressions
    8. Lonely Fire
    9. Echoes Of One
    10. Psychedelic Sonia

    This fall, trumpeter and composer Josef Leimberg will launch his debut full-length Astral Progressions. Hitting vinyl prints and digital formats with the Alpha Pup Records jazz imprint World Galaxy, Astral Progressions is a powerful record in the canon of 21st century music. It also continues the momentum Leimberg achieved on the Kendrick Lamar Grammy Award winning album To Pimp A Butterfly. A hybrid state of jazz fusion, world music, R&B and golden era hip hop instrumentalism. Josef Leimberg has created a rich tapestry of sound that fits right in with the resurgence of progressive music in the 2010’s, launching out on his own terms after an impressive career of guest work.

    Leimberg gained a unique level of traction with his work on the multiple Grammy Award winning Kendrick Lamar LP To Pimp A Butterfly. Credited under the LoveDragon moniker with Terrace Martin, his time with To Pimp A Butterfly only represents a small fragment of his accomplishments. His collaborative resume over the decades is astounding, consisting of production, writing and feature credits with Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu, Robin Thicke, Shafiq Husayn, Funkadelic, Freestyle Fellowship, Dr. Dre, Murs, King Tee, Suga Free, Saafir and Busdriver. These connections have undoubtedly spread life all over Astral Progressions.

    Leimberg’s debut album features an array of innovators and game changers in modern progressive music. Kamasi Washington, Bilal, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kurupt, Terrace Martin and Miguel Atwood Ferguson are just a small list of the brilliant minds that make the Astral Progressions outing special. Many of the featured artists became with the LP through world renowned creator Shafiq Husayn. Leimberg would connect with various musicians associated to his camp through studio recordings, gigging and rehearsals, building on his compositions in a very organic and social way.

    Kurupt connects with Astral Progression’s cosmic message unlike anything else he’s done before, lending his verbal talents over a cosmic west coast flavor. Goergia Anne Muldrow and Bilal add considerable weight as well, taking direction into spiritually tinged fusions of R&B and soul. The ending track pays special homage to Leimberg’s mother, including a recording of her speaking about the complexities of life and where we all fit into the bigger picture of this universe. To describe this record in full would take volumes of thought, bridged under the vision of Leimberg in every note and measure.

    Leimberg takes the sonic power of Astral Progressions back to the origins of the ‘70s jazz fusion movement. Included is a superb Miles Davis cover of ‘Lonely Fire.’ Originally recorded and featured on the 1970s Miles Davis studio album Big Fun, Leimberg revamps the spiritually tinged piece with uptempo pocket driven drum work, flaring solo’s and a sense of heightened energy that transforms the chord arrangements of the original into something entirely new. Paul Livingston adds lush sitar, tambura and sarod, bringing the Indian influences shed on the original composition into the 21st century state of Leimberg’s vision. It’s a perfect summation of how organic, fluid and exotic the record is as a whole.

    The artwork and design packaging pulls back to the narrative of prolific album cover work that enhanced many of the world’s most celebrated jazz fusion albums. Artwork created by Tokio Aoyama, the vibrant color schemes intertwine into deeply interwoven symbols, coalescing to form a powerful story before a single note is even heard.

    Taking the influence his father, mother and communities of musicians around him, Astral Progressions is a record that summarizes the long lasting power of love through sound. Josef Leimberg is a part of the movement that’s creating new standards in the exploration of jazz and fusion. He is defining himself as a worthy composer and purveyor of the deep musical arts and Astral Progressions is just the beginning.
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