再入荷・Jose James / No Beginning No End (2LP)

    Jose James / No Beginning No End
    Jose James / No Beginning No End (2LP) ¥1995(税込)


    「Blue Note」からリリースとなったJose Jamesニュー・アルバム『No Beginning No End』が2LP入荷!!

    Robert Glasper、先日の7inchも印象的であったTakuya Kurodam、Amp Fiddler、Emily Kingらがゲスト参加。
    今回プロデューサーにはChris Daveらとの来日公演も記憶に新しいベーシスト、Pino Palladinoを迎えることにより聴かせるD'angelo「Voodoo」に通ずる世界観...。

    常に時代の最先端をリードする名門レーベル「Blue Note」がジャンルを越えて発信する、音楽シーンに革命をもたらすような衝撃的な作品!!

    José James has already established himself as a trailblazer for his intoxicating blend of jazz, hip-hop, R&B and electronica from his previous three albums. His 2008 debut The Dreamer and its 2010 follow-up, BlackMagic – both produced by the world-renowned DJ Gilles Peterson – transformed the Minneapolis-born, New York-based singer into an underground sensation in both the modern jazz and DJ culture scenes. His musical path follows its own rhyme and reason. James is a musical omnivore, an artist that resists being pigeonholed, equally at ease on stage with jazz legend McCoy Tyner as he is in the studio with rapper Oh No or electronica pioneer Flying Lotus. His new album and Blue Note Records debut, No Beginning No End, is a seamless musical experience that moves between different styles with remarkable fluidity, bound together by James’ transcendent voice. It marks a new chapter in the artistic journey of the 33-year-old singer/songwriter. Conceived, recorded and produced independently without any recording contract, the album is his most personal statement yet.

    A1. It's All Over Your Body 試聴
    A2. Sword + Gun (feat. Hindi Zahra) 試聴
    A3. Trouble 試聴
    B1. Vanguard 試聴
    B2. Come To My Door 試聴
    B3. Heaven On The Ground (feat. Emily King)
    C1. Do You Feel
    C2. Make It Right 試聴
    D1. Bird Of Space
    D2. No Beginning No End 試聴
    D3. Tomorrow

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    Sam Sanders / Mirror, Mirror (2LP/45RPM)

      Sam Sanders / Mirror, Mirror
      Sam Sanders / Mirror, Mirror (2LP/45RPM) ¥3280(税込)

      Limited 1000 press!!

      即完売したKenny Cox『Clap! Clap! (The Joyful Noise)』の2LPをリリースした「One Eighty Proof」がまたまたやってくれました!! 今回も2LP・180gです!!

      当地デトロイトではポスト・バップのシーンを支える名サックス奏者として高く評価されたSam Sanders。唯一残されたアルバム 『The Gift Of Love』(1983年)はブラックネス漂う音楽性でスピリチュアル・ジャズのシーンでも好まれてきた。しかし、今回発掘された1980年録音の未発表音源は予想を大きく裏切り、かつ大きく上回るものだった。
      ほとんどの曲でヴォーカルをフィーチャーした、ジャズ〜フュージョン〜ソウル〜ファンクが高次元で融合した音楽性は、Oneness Of Jujuを思い起こさせる。スピリチュアル・フュージョン・ソウルとも呼びたい「Inner City Player」、男性ヴォーカルが歌う味わい深いワルツ「Loser」、ワウ・ギターがグルーヴ感を演出する「Funk’ed Up」、メロウでメランコリックな「Love’s Gain」、Sandersのサックスが心に沁みる美曲 「Summer Mist」など聴き所が満載。


      The latest release from 180 Proof Records is sure to be one of the most talked about deep crate releases of the year. A collector’s dream come true, Sam Sander’s Mirror Mirror is so rare that the recordings on this album have never before seen a proper release and even the cover art had to be created from scratch. An almost unbelievable fact given that it ranks as one of the strongest releases in the already air-tight era of Strata Inc’s Detroit.

      Although he’s been compared to John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and Joe Henderson, Sam Sanders stands out as one of the most unique phenomena to come from the Motor City. Sanders’ approach to life was so out there that one might say his relative obscurity was a personal choice. Sanders caught glimpses of fame early on performing with several internationally known acts and subsequently, he also learned a bit about what the Record Industry’s primary goals were. Realizing that he did not share them, Sanders chose instead to walk his own path. This drive for artistic freedom turned out to be a double-edged sword: while it allowed Sanders to produce some of the most electric jazz, funk, and soul to come from Detroit, it also meant that most of his recordings were never widely released, if they were released at all.

      Drawing on his experience with Motown acts like Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson, Sanders incorporated a fresh soul sound into recordings that would have otherwise been categorized as jazz. As such, Mirror Mirror moves seamlessly between spirit and style: The album starts on the street with “Inner City Player,” a superfly breakdown of a Detroit hustler’s life, before moving into distinctly abstract territory with the melancholy “Face At My Window.” The experience is held together by a no-nonsense rhythm section featuring the aggressive drumming of Jimmy Allen and the intensely focused bass playing of Ed Pickens. Perhaps the most straight-forward jazz song on the album, “Lover’s Gain” showcases Sanders at his freewheelin’ best. And if there was to be any doubt that Mirror Mirror can get funky as hell, look no further than the wah-wah guitar and early synth sounds of “Funk’ed Up,” easily the greasiest cut on the album.

      Mirror Mirror has been remastered from the original reel to reel masters, along with the artwork, which has been restored and printed on top Heavy Stock Tip On Gatefold Jackets. Vinyl is pressed on as 180 Gram numbered vinyl. Includes extensive liner notes and never seen before photos.

      A1. Inner City Player
      A2. Face At My WIndow
      B1. Loser
      B2. Funk’ed Up
      C1. Love’s Gain
      D1. Summer Mist

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      再入荷・Christoph El Truento / Sunflower (7")

        Christoph El Truento / Sunflower (7
        Christoph El Truento / Sunflower (7") ¥1380(税込)



        昨年リリースされたデビューEPが各所で好評を得た、ニュージーランドはオークランド出身の音楽プロデューサー/DJ、Christoph El Truentoの新作が7inchで登場!!

        単なるエレクトリックヒップホップでは言い表せない、ファンクネスとメローネスを感じさせるビートが印象的であったデビューEPであるが、Julien Dyne、Isaac Aesili (Funkommunity)らが参加した、こちら新作ではジャズからの影響を強く感じさせる、新たなアプローチの内容となっている。揺らめく妖艶なホーンが印象的な前半パートから中盤からは小気味良いギターの旋律とぬくもりあるヴォーカルがクロスした、ソウルネスなジャズナンバー「Sunflower」。そしてうっすらとしたローズとメロウなコーラスによる、かなり奥深い「Insects」。更にはCarlos Nino辺りを思わせる優し気でいて牧歌的なチルビーツ「Birds」といった3曲を収録!!


        Christoph El Truento
        クリストフ・エル・トルエント(Christoph El Truento)はニュージーランドのオークランド出身の音楽プロデューサー、DJ。おもにビートミュージックを手がけるが、ジャズやエレクトロ・ミュージックの影響をつよく受けており、強い重低音と特異なリズム、ときにはミニマルなビートを作り出すのが特徴的である。デビューEPはグルーブマン・スポットなどの国内トップ・プロデューサー達も注目しカルト・ヒットした。近く発表するアルバムではSUN RA、Alice Coltraneなどにインスパイアーされ実験音楽〜エレクトロミュージック〜ジャズへと消化しビートミュージックを超越したアルバム「What We Used To Know」をリリース予定。

        A. Sunflower
        B1. Insects
        B2. Birds

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